Introducing Bond Vet’s Nurse Elevation Program

Introducing Bond Vet’s Nurse Elevation Program

Veterinary nurses are the backbone of veterinary medicine. To recognize this, Bond Vet is offering our nurses unparalleled benefits, a clear growth path, and the opportunity to earn 50% more than the industry average. 

In launching and growing Bond Vet over the last two years, we’ve been very focused on developing a thoughtful approach to helping our team members grow their skillset and take on more responsibility. This is especially true of our veterinary nurses — they are the backbone of our clinics, and any veterinarian will tell you that. In addition to being responsible for communicating with pet parents, monitoring anesthesia, and acting as dental hygienists and radiology technicians, our vet nurses provide consistent care and dedication to every pet we treat. 

We already supported our veterinary nurses through continuing education stipends, a robust benefits package, leadership development and training opportunities, and a consistent array of in-clinic wet lab opportunities, but we want to do more. We’re introducing a Nurse Elevation Program to give our hard-working vet nurses the recognition — and growth path — they deserve.

Bond Vet’s Nurse Elevation Program

Our Nurse Elevation Program establishes four distinct groups of veterinary nurses: Associate Nurse I, Associate Nurse II, Senior Nurse, and Lead Nurse. These tiers are based on a vet nurse’s experience, knowledge, and technical skills. A vet nurse can progress from one tier to the next by completing a set of requirements, which have been thoughtfully planned out by our medical leadership team. As nurses elevate through the program, so does their pay, significantly.

Why We’re Introducing Veterinary Nurse Tiers

Veterinary nurses are invaluable to clinic operations and essential to the success of a vet clinic. It’s important that we, as an organization, recognize the hard work our vet nurses do day in and day out.

One of our core values at Bond Vet is to provide our team members with clear performance expectations and professional growth opportunities to empower them. Our Nurse Elevation Program establishes that structure for our vet nurses, who comprise about 30-40% of our clinic team and perform a wide range of tasks. Each one of our veterinary nurses will receive a personal checklist of technical skills and required training courses. Once a vet nurse exhibits mastery of all items in a level, they will be elevated to the next tier. Since day one, Bond Vet has sought to create a fulfilling and supportive workplace, and we believe this roadmap will bolster personal well-being by creating achievable goals for our team that will lead to individual fulfillment, happiness, and financial security. In an industry plagued by depression and burnout, that’s an important development which we’re proud and honored to offer.



Industry-wide, veterinary nurses are underpaid. They work just as hard as nurses who work in human healthcare, but their compensation lags far behind. Our Nurse Elevation Program gives veterinary nurses the opportunity to make a salary that’s 50% higher than the industry average, helping to bridge that wage gap.

Along with our tiered levels, we’re sharing our pay structure. The pay bands take into consideration licensing achievements to recognize the personal cost and professional value of going to nursing school and achieving licensure. 

See the tiers here.

If you’re a veterinary nurse and want to see how much you could earn at Bond Vet, take this short quiz to find out!

We’re excited to offer this new pay structure to our vet nurses, and we look forward to sharing updates as it evolves and as our nursing team elevates through the program.

Veterinary Nurses at Bond Vet are licensed Veterinary Technicians with years of experience.



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