Technology & operations

Technology & Operations

We’ve spent a lot of time in vet clinics and have been surprised at the lack of forward movement in the realm of technology. We don’t believe that technology can or should replace good old-fashioned knowledge and expertise, but we’ve uncovered a few ways to leverage technology to make your job easier and your days smoother. They’re part of our DNA at Bond Vet, and we’re always developing new ways to enhance our medical operations.

In-Clinic Equipment & Tools

Our clinics are outfitted with only the very best and latest equipment, with X-ray and ultrasound machines at every clinic, and dedicated surgical suites. Our in-house tech team is always working on new tools to streamline tasks and facilitate collaboration. A few of our team’s favorites…
State-of-the-art equipment

Screens in the back of the clinic offer detailed analytics and provide feedback to the team throughout the day, while also offering visibility into the success of the team — our gainsharing incentive means the entire team, from vets and vet nurses to assistants and are coordinators, participate in the financial outcomes of the day.

Our custom Chrome extension supports our team by unlocking time previously spent manually creating patient discharges and managing patient tasks and follow-ups. We have much more in store for this extension that we’re excited to roll out.

We introduced scribe training for assistants and vet nurses to create a standardized approach to high quality and thorough recordkeeping that frees up a veterinarian’s time. We’ve trained our associates on gold-standard record-keeping and developed macros to help fill commonly typed notes, normal observations and more, all of which saves time and creates efficiency around record keeping, so our team can spend more time with patients. This also provides quick turnaround for records to be delivered to the owner or referring veterinary offices.

If there’s a tool you’d like to have in the clinic, we want to know. Many of our best developments have come from the vets themselves — who knew a functioning label maker could be so good for morale?!

Communication Center

One of our biggest operational developments was the introduction of a centralized communication center. No more ringing phones in the clinic, or having to pause an in-person client conversation to answer a phone call.
Communication center

By centralizing our phone calls with a team of vet nurses and care coordinators, we’re able to book and confirm appointments, reschedule clients and ensure the case load fits the staffing levels. They’ll follow up with clients after appointments, share post-op care and assist with callbacks.

Our veterinary team handles booking of consultations and procedures and follows up with post-op care to ensure a high-touch client experience that frees the vet to do their job. And when we realized how many of the same questions were being asked in puppy and kitten exams, we piloted a Puppy & Kitten Concierge — a complimentary session with one of our vet nurses in the Communication Center to answer some of the more common questions (food, behavior, etc.) before the exam, so the vet can have a more productive visit with the client.

Client-Facing Technology

Client-facing technology

The Bond Vet client is tech-savvy, and they appreciate the forward-thinking nature of our approach. Our client-facing technology has grown into an iOS app for booking, which also enables messaging with the veterinary nursing team and access to medical records. During the pandemic, we also introduced telehealth visits with a dedicated vet.

When it comes to technology, we’ll build it if we need it. A new kind of vet clinic requires new tools to elevate the experience for team members, clients and patients alike.

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