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With a tech-enabled office and collaborative team, we make it easy for you to do your job well. Bond Vet prioritizes morale in the clinic environment — you’ll be supported by a well-staffed clinic, including a technically proficient and reliable vet nurse team, and assistants and care coordinators who keep the clinic running smoothly.

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Bond Vet is focused on medical excellence, offering both primary and urgent care services. Our clinics are well-equipped with dedicated surgery suites, state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable working space so you can practice your best medicine. Here at Bond Vet, we offer 100% of the services that a GP vet clinic does, while also adding 70% of the cases you’d see in an emergency room (we refer the outstanding 30% to a local animal hospital), including cystotomy, pyometra, gastric foreign body removal. That means our clinic team sees a diverse range of cases that enables you to exercise a broad range of skills — and learn new ones through ongoing training and education initiatives. We ensure appropriate staffing levels at all times to ensure no one is stretched thin or under-supported in their practice.

The Benefits of Bond

Veterinary medicine is a demanding career, and we know veterinarians aren’t always well taken care of. We think you should be. Our robust set of benefits is designed to support you mentally, physically and financially — you’ll gain from our growth.

You'll live well

Competitive pay, with profit-sharing, gainsharing, stock options and incentive bonuses for our veterinarians

401(k) through Betterment,

Generous contribution to your medical, dental, and vision benefit and free access to One Medical & Teladoc

Health Saving Account (HSA) to save money on expenses

PTO & voluntary short-term disability

We prioritize mental & emotional wellness, offering a Talkspace therapy subscription & PTO

Pre-tax commuter benefits

Family-friendly benefits, including parental leave

You'll work well

We offer comprehensive healthcare plans and One Medical membership

We offer flexible work models with 30 minute appointments

Our Communications Center helps optimize your time in the clinic

We’ve got your back, with comprehensive PLIT coverage

We’re open reasonable hours - no overnights, and no hospitalizations overnight

Ongoing knowledge-sharing, career coaching opportunities, CE benefit, internal training curricula and professional development

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment so you have the tools to excel

We designed our clinics with flow in mind, and our dedicated surgical and dental suites and doctor’s lounge give you space to thrive

We work in comfortable FIGS scrubs because we know comfort matters

We provide free snacks and weekend meals to keep you energized

We host game nights, book club, holiday celebrations & more

“It felt impossible to get emergency experience until I found Bond — I have two kids at home, so I couldn’t take on overnights. Now I get urgent and emergent cases as part of a normal, 10-hour day.” - DR. SIMONE MCLAUGHLIN, MEDICAL DIRECTOR- Dr. Simone McLaughlin, Medical Director

You love the excitement of not knowing what’s coming through the door, and being able to help pets who need you now. We let you solve tough cases but our fixed hours provide you with structure and routine — and no need for overnight shifts.

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The Bond Veterinarian’s Career Path

Whether you’re looking to practice or want to grow into a more demanding role, Bond Vet’s growth trajectory and management program provide plenty of opportunity for you to do your best work.


As a Veterinarian, you’ll practice your best medicine and be a leader in the clinic, mentoring vet nurses and assistants and helping them grow.


Our Medical Directors lead a clinic’s medical operations, ensuring a high standard of care and that team members are working collaboratively and effectively.


RMDs lead our team of Medical Directors to ensure best-in-class veterinary care. Our RMDs are client-oriented, excellent communicators, and natural mentors.


Your Colleagues

At Bond Vet, you’ll be in good company. Meet a few of our veterinarians, who embody medical excellence and strive to strengthen the human-animal bond every day.

Let's Build a Better Veterinary Clinic

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