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Hi, We're bond Vet.

We’re on a mission to strengthen the human-animal bond through better pet care, and we started with a new approach: urgent care.

Because much like humans, pets often show symptoms for which an ER visit is not necessary, but a primary care clinic may not be able to make time for. We felt there should be a comforting, transparent, and thorough place for pet parents to get answers, quickly.

Since we opened in June 2019 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, we’ve treated tens of thousands of cats and dogs. And as we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our services into those of a full-service veterinary clinic, offering our trademark urgent care, as well as routine care, like wellness exams, vaccines and spay/neuter, as well as surgeries, dental cleanings, and international health certificates.

This range not only benefits our clients — who can almost always get a same-day appointment when needed — but also our medical team, for whom a broad case mix provides opportunities to learn, grow and practice at the top of their license. Diverse cases keep the team engaged and deepens their passion for veterinary medicine.

And that’s what we’re all about — at our core, Bond is focused on the people. That might sound unexpected for a vet clinic, but it’s true. We developed Bond to provide both sustainable veterinary careers and outstanding medical care. That’s a win for everyone because caring for our team helps them care for your pets. And with current trends in pet ownership, there are a lot more pets out there to care for! Below, you can meet the people who dedicate their lives to doing just that.

Medical Team