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Dental Care

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To schedule your pet’s dental care appointment, please send us an inquiry below. Our surgery concierge will contact you to confirm your appointment and go over further details.

Prior to the dental cleaning, we require your pet come in for a pre-operative appointment for bloodwork and a full oral exam.

Why Dentals?

We know from human medicine that oral hygiene is incredibly important for overall wellbeing. It’s a key way to keep your cat or dog healthy. If a cat or dog could brush their own teeth, it’d prevent the need for frequent cleanings, but unfortunately they can’t. Additionally, while it’s recommended that pet parents provide dental care at home, as pet parents ourselves, we know how hard this is to do regularly. It’s important to note that dental treats and water additives are helpful, but they don’t work hard enough to keep plaque and tartar off pet’s teeth or maintain healthy gums.

For most pets, we recommend dental cleanings every 2-3 years. During dental cleanings, we remove tartar from the teeth and under the gum lines, which will prevent infection and bone loss. Keeping teeth clean and gums healthy is the best way to ensure your pet keeps those teeth forever. It also helps prevent other health issues, such as heart and kidney infections, down the road.

We are here to provide thorough, gentle dental care for New York City pets.

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We are here to provide thorough, gentle dental care for New York City pets. Book a free consultation with Debbie, Bond Vet’s surgery concierge, to learn more.




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