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We know surgeries can be stressful for pets and pet parents, but you can rest easy: Our highly-skilled, caring vets go above and beyond to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the process. 

To book your pet’s surgery, please send us an inquiry below, and our surgery concierge will reach out.

Meet Our Director of Surgery

Dr. Kantor knows your pet is family, and she’s looking forward to helping them get comfortably back on their feet ASAP. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kantor performs a wide range of technical procedures, like laser correction of palates and ACL repairs, in addition to more common procedures such as spays, neuters and mass removals.

Surgeries we offer

From pre-op to post-op, our highly-trained medical team provides personalized care for your pet. We start by seeing your pet for a pre-op appointment. We’ll perform bloodwork to ensure your pet’s internal organs are functioning properly and can safely undergo anesthesia. During your pet’s surgery, we use state-of-the-art, human-grade equipment, and our skilled veterinary surgical team provides your pet with the highest quality surgical care in NYC.

Below are the surgeries we perform at our clinics.

We Offer Complimentary Surgery Consultations

We know surgery can be stressful and overwhelming for both you and your pet.

Our surgery concierge Debbie Glynn is a licensed veterinary technician with 27 years of experience — she can answer all your questions to keep you comfortable and informed every step of the way.



Better care, right when you need it.

I have taken Jenny to BondVet twice. Both times she received excellent care and attention. This Vet is among the very best I have been to in over 30 years of having Standard Poodles
Leonard Battifarano
Leonard B.
16:37 28 Oct 20
I had a great experience here. They were respectful a very helpful and I will definitely be coming here next time my cat is feeling sick.
Jose Perez
Jose P.
00:43 21 Oct 20
My wife and I brought our baby pomeranian for the first time. We had a wonderful experience, the doctor listened and answered all of our questions, the enviroment is the best, the receptionist and the nurse was very helpful. We highly recommend bringing your pet to this place!!!read more
Armando Vuktilaj
Armando V.
22:58 20 Oct 20
We recently visited Bond Vet for routine wellness and vaccinations for our small dog. Each staff member and the Dr. were kind, clear and confident in dealing with us and our pooch. We also enjoyed their attention to Covid-19 protocols! Great place!read more
Sean Furphy
Sean F.
15:29 19 Oct 20
EDIT 10/16/20: I just wanted to follow up on my original review, and give the team the 5-star rating they truly deserve. After our initial experience with them (documented below), they really went above and beyond to make sure not only that our dog was healthy and well after the mix up, but making us feel welcomed and ensured that our dog was in good hands. Their staff are all absolutely amazing, and we're so happy that our puppy is healthy and well again thanks to their help :).----------------------------------------------------Upfront Note: I bring up this issue not as a reason to *not* recommend this place, but in the hopes that BondVet will do better in the future to limit this issue. Aside from the issue below, I would happily award their team five stars.My wife and I brought our new Goldendoodle puppy here for her first routine checkup after we brought her home :). During our visit, the team was incredibly kind, cordial, and welcoming, and by all means our vet appointment seemed to go off without a hitch. About a day later, after a stool sample was taken and tested, we received word that our dog had Giardia, and would need medication. The team was quick to get her prescription ready, and we were able to pick it up a few hours after the results came in.We had been giving our puppy the prescription for about 3 days, when we weirdly ran out of our allotment of medicine, which was supposed to last 5 days. Upon calling BondVet to request additional medication, we found out that our puppy had been given the *wrong* prescription by their team. My wife and I were obviously livid, as we had learned she had been taking almost double the required dosage of one of her medications, while only taking half of the other. Dr. Ryan Anderson from their team (not the original vet we worked with from there) called us immediately, explained the situation, and offered to re-up our prescriptions for free (since we would have to start over), and provide a free consultation after her medication was finished to ensure she had recovered properly.While we are very much grateful their team righted this wrong, and so far our puppy seems perfectly fine despite the issues with her prescription, it was an unfortunate first encounter with their team. We are unsure, and their team was investigating, how this occurred, but we are very hopeful that will not be the case again.That being said, a recent follow up visit was great with Dr. Amy, who was extremely informative and helpful, who helped us when our puppy began experiencing a cough similar to Bordetella. Luckily, she seems to be doing well, and we are incredibly grateful to her and the reception for their help in what we were worried may have been an emergency. They took us first thing in the morning, no appointment necessary. :)All in all, their team is *wonderful*, but the mistake with our prescription was extremely unfortunate. I'd definitely recommend BondVet to others, especially with all of the great tech their team has built around it (their iPhone app is AWESOME), and we're happy to give them a second chance, but we are hopeful another issue like this will not occur anytime soon.read more
Bryant Rockoff
Bryant R.
17:16 16 Oct 20