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We know surgeries can be stressful for pets and pet parents, but you can rest easy: Our highly-skilled, caring vets and support team go above and beyond to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the process.

We’re proud to offer an extensive array of surgical procedures with our highly trained and caring teams of veterinarians and nurses across most Bond Vet locations.

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Meet Our Surgery Team

Surgery at Bond Vet is led by our head of medical strategy, Dr. Philippa Pavia, and our specialty surgeon, Dr. Renee McDougall.

Dr. Pavia’s focus is advancing medical quality with an emphasis on surgical training and outcomes, and she is passionate about making veterinary medicine a sustainable long-term career for vets, nurses, and all members of the hospital team.

Dr. McDougall has a special interest in orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery and a passion for using research and teaching to improve population health. With these tools she believes we can build a healthier community with less need for surgeons like her.

Doctors: To refer a client to the Bond Vet Specialty Surgery team, please fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch.

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We Offer Complimentary Surgery Consultations

We want to keep you informed and comfortable throughout the process of getting your pet the surgical care they need. Our Surgery Concierges are licensed veterinary technicians with decades of experience, and they're here to answer your every question.

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