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Spays & neuters

By bond vet

As a pet parent, spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten is an important decision in their early life. We know having a surgery performed on your fur baby can be scary. But our team of highly trained veterinarians can perform this routine surgery using the best safety measures, in a warm, welcoming environment right here in NYC.

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To schedule your pet's spay or neuter surgery, please send us an inquiry below, and our veterinary team will contact you.

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

Neutering for Dogs & Cats

A neuter is a routine surgical procedure done to remove a male dog’s or cat’s testicles, thus making them sterile. Removal of the testicles also results in decreased testosterone, meaning neutering can reduce unwanted behaviors and health issues.

Dogs are capable of breeding as early as six months old, while cats can begin to breed as early as four month. Unneutered pets are more likely to become aggressive, engage in fights, mount furniture and people, mark their territory indoors, and break free from your home in search of a mate.

Neutering your pet will prevent a lot of these undesirable behaviors — especially if done early enough that the behavior doesn’t have time to become a learned habit.

Spaying for Dogs & Cats

A spay is a routine, elective surgery for sterilization for female pets, meaning your pet won’t produce any litters of puppies or kittens. Additionally, spaying affects some of the hormones in your pet’s body, especially related to their reproductive cycle, so spayed pets are often calmer, and less prone to certain health risks.

When a spay is performed, it means the ovaries and the uterus are removed. Removing the uterus alone wouldn’t result in the same health and behavior benefits, so the hormonal influence of the ovaries must be addressed as well.

Early spaying will eliminate heat cycles, reduce bad behavior, and protect against various health problems later in life, such as certain types of cancer or potentially fatal infections in the uterus.

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