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Right now, because of COVID-19, we’re seeing sick pets, pets under one year old who need vaccination boosters, and all pets due for rabies boosters.

Veterinary clinic pricing

Most people don’t like to talk about money. We don’t get it. Because with all the uncertainty that comes with a sick pet, the last thing you want is to be surprised with a crazy high bill.

Our exams start at $75, and we’re transparent about our pricing during your treatment.

We won’t run any tests or do additional services without telling you fees upfront, and we’d never make you feel bad about making a decision based on cost.


What People Are Saying About Bond Vet

This was my first time at a Bond Vet and this location. I was pleased with how clean the waiting room was, how friendly the staff were, and the plethora of free treats for my pup. I had called ahead and made an appointment for that same day, which was very easy. When we arrived, 20 minutes before our appointment, check in was easy and we were able to email over previous records from other vets to put on our dog's file at Bond. They even had tea and water for the hoomans. When we got into the vet, it was a relatively quick visit, but everything was explained and the vet and vet tech answered our questions and provided a complete breakdown of the cost of treatment for the visit and possible costs for potential future treatments. We needed pain medication, which they filled and supplied us with in no time at all. The only thing I didn't particularly enjoy was the wait. Even though we had an appointment, we weren't seen until 45 minutes after our appointment time. While the wait wasn't arduous--tea, treats, calming music, clean space--it was not ideal. They mentioned they had taken in some walk-ins before their last slew of scheduled appointments which were taking longer than they had anticipated. So it's understandable, but perhaps a little more time management next time could be done on the scheduler's side. They also give your first office visit for $15!read more
Sarah E. Bode
Sarah E. B.
17:31 18 Mar 20
THE BEST! This was an excellent experience for my little gal and for me, as well! A beautiful office, a top-notch team. This evening, my cat needed immediate, urgent attention and this lovely group welcomed us and treated us with respect and the utmost care, especially given it was during the height of a national crisis when no other vet was open. We were SO lucky to have access to this amazing place and left feeling relieved and thoroughly taken care of in every way. It was comprehensive and even fun; they gave her treats and made sure to explain every aspect of her care, supporting her needs. The office is cheerful and calming, as well. I cannot say enough about this terrific place! Thank you, Bond Vet!read more
beth sorrentino
beth S.
03:04 17 Mar 20
I am a first time kitten mom and am very pleased with my first ever visit to Bond vet. The location was easy to find. The interior was stylish and very clean. We were greeted and taken care of right away. Once in the examination room they treated Kat (My kitten) with such great care. The experience was pleasant and fairly quick. The vet was very helpful and patient when it came to all my questions. I would definitely recommend this establishment to all.read more
Delilah Dominguez
Delilah D.
02:54 17 Mar 20
Appointments were simple and check in was super quick. Staff is friendly, helpful and communicative. Pricing is no different from other vets I've been to. Facility was modern, clean, and comfortable.Dr. Davis was awesome! Very communicative and when they followed up with me, answered all my questions with ease.read more
Erica Guzman
Erica G.
16:46 16 Mar 20
Love Bond Vet! Clean, transparent with wait times, amazing staff! Look how happy my Bruce Leigh is and shes not a fan of the Vet, but I think now she is!
alexis balingcongan
alexis B.
15:01 16 Mar 20


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