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Woman sitting in vet lobby with a cute cat

Raising a Kitten

Protect your BFF from the things you can’t see

Welcoming a kitten into your family is an exciting time! We’re here to ensure your kitten is healthy and that you’re both ready to take on the world.

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Every kitten should have a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination to make sure everything is working just right. During the exam, our veterinarian will:

  • Take your kitten’s vitals.
  • Examine your kitten's ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and gums.
  • Recommend vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle.
  • Answer any questions you have.

Kitten Vaccines

Kitten Vaccines

Vaccinations are a key part of your kitty’s health plan.They help prevent viruses and bacteria from harming your pet and are one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy a long, healthy life together.

6-8 Weeks

Core Vaccine


*Disclaimer: Timeline may vary pet to pet

Neutering and spaying

Neutering and spaying

Neutering or spaying your kitten curbs the birth of unwanted pets. Plus, research shows that neutered and spayed pets live longer, are more obedient, and are less likely to get cancer.

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