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Introducing BondAid

Introducing BondAid: Our 24/7 Urgent Care Line

We're excited to announce our new 24/7/365 urgent care helpline for NYC pet parents. Pet parents can give us a call at 212-624-BOND at any hour to get answers to medical questions about your dog or cat. We know pet questions and concerning symptoms don’t always occur during clinic hours, and that it can be tremendously helpful to speak to an expert.

Need a vet?

Here at Bond Vet, our mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and people through better pet care. This free helpline is another way to do that. Calling our free helpline puts you in touch with our compassionate and highly-skilled veterinary team, allowing clients to chat with a veterinary nurse in real time, whenever you need. We can help you with all services, from booking an appointment to providing medical guidance, in addition to calling out key symptoms that may be indicative of a visit to the animal hospital. Or we may tell you, “That behavior is totally normal, there’s no need to worry,” a reassurance that will help you sleep at night, rather than worrying about your pet. We offer that peace of mind for just $0.

BondAid allows us to offer around-the-clock care, expertise, and at-home treatments over the phone. We’re here for you, whenever you need us.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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