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Craft a DIY Tug-of-War Toy

Who can resist a safe and enjoyable game of tug-of-war? It's a delightful way to interact with your furry companion at home. But before you embark on playtime, it's crucial to be mindful of your tugging technique, opting for horizontal motions to prevent any potential strain on your pet's spine and neck. This type of play may not be suited for young pups with developing teeth or pets who are experiencing dental issues — consult your vet if you believe your pet is in need of a checkup before playtime or explore our dental care options here.

Now that we've discussed safety, let's talk about crafting your DIY tug-of-war toy! It's an easy and environmentally conscious method, adding an extra layer of joy to your pet's play.

To get started, grab an old t-shirt (or a few if you want to use different colors!) and follow these steps:


Begin by cutting a rectangular section from both the front and back of the t-shirt. Make sure to exclude the seams, collar, and sleeves as you won't need them for this project.


Use your fingers as a rough guide to measure and cut each of the rectangles into six vertical strips. Precision isn't essential here; the goal is to create equally sized-strips.


Now it's time to braid your strips together. Take three strips and tie a secure knot at one end. Begin braiding the strips, intertwining them tightly as you move along. Once you've reached the end of the strips, tie another knot to keep the braid in place.


For an added touch of creativity and durability, consider incorporating more knots throughout the braid at various intervals. These knots not only enhance the toy's texture but also make it more engaging for your pet.

And there you have it – your homemade tugging toy is ready for play! In just a few steps, you've transformed an old t-shirt into an interactive and enjoyable toy that not only provides entertainment but also reduces waste in a charming and sustainable manner.

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