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A quick, easy vet clinic for UES Pets

(212) 624-2773

Bond Vet – East 86th Street, 1535 3rd Ave, Manhattan, NY 10028

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We offer a broad range of wellness and urgent care services, from vaccinations and annual exams to those uh-oh moments when you need veterinary care ASAP.

We're upfront about our prices, and we'll give you a variety of options when it comes to diagnostics and next steps.

Book now to experience our newest clinic on the UES. We'll be open 10am to 8pm every day.

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Our minimalist, clean spaces are designed with both human and pet comfort in mind. Warm tones, comfortable furniture, soothing lighting, and entertainment — toys for pets, books for people — make our clinics a comfortable place to spend some time.

What we treat here

Urgent Care

Wellness & Preventive Care

Reinventing Vet Care With A Human Touch

We’re here to provide better care for the animals we love, so we can do our part to strengthen the human-animal bond. Our clinic is friendly and modern, and we’re staffed with a professional team that prides itself on looking after your loved ones. We offer both urgent care and wellness, so everything from vaccines and stomach issues to “Hmmm, my dog is acting a little weird today.” Plus, we treat emergency cases for half the cost of traditional emergency hospitals.


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Conveniently located for residents of the Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, Lenox Hill, East Harlem, and Roosevelt Island.


Bond Vet – East 86th Street

1535 3rd Ave
Manhattan, NY 10028

(212) 624-2773

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Better Care,
Right WhenYou Need It

We offer compassionate, thorough, and friendly care in a warm, comfortable environment. We’re open 10am to 8pm every day (even holidays) and offer same-day appointments, so we’re always here when you need us. Walk in or book online to make check-in quicker.