A Convenient, Thorough Vet Clinic

Upper West Side at 112th Street

We offer a broad range of primary and urgent care services, from vaccinations and annual exams to those uh-oh moments when you need veterinary care ASAP.

Bond Vet – Upper West Side at 112th Street

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New to Bond?

New to Bond?

We offer both primary & urgent care. That means you can come in for the normal things, like annual exams and vaccines, or those times when your pet seems off and needs veterinary care quick.

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits

Can’t make it to our clinic? Book a telehealth visit to chat with one of our vets from the comfort of your home.

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Inside Our Clinics

Our minimalist, clean Upper West Side at 112th Street vet clinic is designed to comfort both people and their pets. Warm tones, comfortable furniture, soothing lighting, and entertainment — toys for pets, books for people — make our animal hospital a comfortable place to spend some time.

Visit our Upper West Side at 112th Street vet clinic for urgent care, wellness checkups, routine and specialty surgery, and dental care, with diagnostic equipment, labs and medication onsite. Our compassionate team takes care of everything from vaccines and stomach issues to “Hmmm, my dog is acting a little weird today.” Plus, we treat emergency cases for half the cost of traditional emergency hospitals.


Better care,
Right when you need it

We offer compassionate, thorough, and friendly care in a warm, comfortable environment. With convenient hours, same-day appointments, telehealth and a 24/7 helpline, we’re always here when you need us.

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