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Orthopedic surgery involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of bone, joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle disorders.

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Our Facilities

Each of our clinics has a dedicated surgery room complete with state-of-the-art equipment. Our surgical team, including our surgical director Dr. Amy Kantor, uses the latest technology, time-tested techniques, and cutting-edge diagnostics to provide our furry patients with the best care possible.


Meet our Director of Surgery

With over 35 years of experience working in veterinary medicine, our Surgical Director Dr. Amy Kantor is well-versed in a wide range of technical procedures, including gastroplexy, cystomies, and ACL repairs (more than 2,000 pets in NYC are walking around on “Kantor knees”).

Dr. Kantor knows your pet is family, and she’s looking forward to getting to know you and helping your pet age well.


- Dr. Kantor

ACL Repair

ACL stands for “anterior cruciate ligament,” although in dogs and cats it’s more commonly referred to as the CCL, or “cranial cruciate ligament.”

It’s a small ligament located inside the knee joint, and it plays an important part in keeping the joint stable, in an appropriate position, and functioning well.

Since dogs have a slope inside their knees, their ACL bears more weight than human ACLs do — making them more prone to tears.

ACL tears are fairly common in dogs (our surgical director Dr. Amy Kantor has performed over 2,000 repairs!).

The ligament can tear from: normal wear over time, injury, or conditions that destabilize the knee joint (such as a luxating patella). Also, it’s important to note that pets who tear the ACL of one hindlimb are at risk of tearing the ACL in their other hindlimb later in life.

ACL tears result in painful inflammation and swelling and, if not treated, can lead to irreversible bone and cartilage damage and arthritis in the knee.

Learn more about ACL tears.

We Offer Complimentary Surgery Consultations

We want to keep you informed and comfortable throughout the process of getting your pet the surgical care they need.

Our Surgery Concierges are licensed veterinary technicians with decades of experience, and they're here to answer your every question.

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