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Tips for Quarantining With Pets

Well, this was quite unexpected turn of events. Luckily, a dog or cat makes for the ideal quarantine mate — a snuggly, loving animal who provides endless joy because they don’t know what’s going on in the world.

Pets always been great for emotional support, but that’s especially true in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. With so much time at home, you’re probably wondering how to navigate pet parenting during COVID-19. Here are some tips for staying on your routine and keeping everyone feeling as normal as possible.

Keep Walking

Dogs are a great excuse for getting outside and catching some fresh air. Be sure to stay 6 feet from your neighbors, and though it’s hard, don’t let strangers pet your pup (make up for it with more petting when you get home). When you get home, you may use antiseptic wipes on their paws, but don’t do it too much, because those wipes can dry out your pup’s paws. Try wipes specially made for pets, or just use warm water on a washcloth. 

Stay on Schedule

Time is increasingly feeling like a construct. Many humans are snacking throughout the day, but it’s important to keep your pet’s feeding times consistent. Your pet may beg for food more frequently than usual, especially since you’re home with them all day, but resist! And if for any reason you can’t get your typical dog food and need to switch, be sure to wean your pet so as not to upset their stomach.

Stay Entertained

Not only is physical exercise important, but so is mental stimulation. Keep your pup entertained dog puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and smart bowls that require your pet to earn a treat. Try Spotify’s dog playlist, or turn on a cat- or dog-friendly YouTube channel. Netflix and chill isn’t reserved for humans! Plus, here at Bond, we've brought our events online, from doga to kitten adoptions, so tune in.

Keep on Eye on Weird Behavior

Just like humans, pets can feel stress, which can manifest physically. Keep an eye on your pet in case they exhibit increased anxiety — extra playtime and stimulation should help. And if there’s a medical issue, like vomiting, limping, diarrhea, decreased appetite, bleeding, coughing, or sneezing, call your vet. Note: Bond Vet is open regular hours for drop-off visits during New York’s COVID-19 PAUSE.

Animal First Aid Kit

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) suggests you keep a first-aid kit on hand, and there’s no better time than now to assemble one. In the event you need emergency veterinary care, be sure you have your pet’s updated medical records on hand and know where the nearest *open* animal hospital is.

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