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Everything You Want To Know About Your Pet

What Is Entropion in Dogs & Cats?

What Is Entropion in Dogs & Cats?

Entropion (the opposite of ectropion) is a condition in which the eyelids roll inward toward the eyes. One or both eyes may be affected on… Read more

A smiling person embracing a basset hound on a couch.

What Is Ectropion in Dogs & Cats?

With ectropion, a pet’s eyelid rolls outward — rather than rolling in toward the eye, like with entropion. This gives a pet a very droopy-eyed… Read more

Woman wearing a floral mask cuddling a brown puppy.

Urogenital Surgeries for Cats & Dogs

Urogenital surgery refers to any surgery performed on the urinary tract (most commonly, the urinary bladder or urethra) or the reproductive organs (penis, testicles, vagina,… Read more

A woman in a gray sweater smiling while holding a black and white cat.

Gastrointestinal Surgeries for Dogs & Cats

Gastrointestinal surgery is an umbrella term for any type of surgery of the stomach or intestines, sometimes including other surgeries on abdominal structures such as… Read more