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Everything You Want To Know About Your Pet

A woman holding a small dog indoors while looking at it affectionately.

Five Ways Your Best (Pet) Friend Can Improve Your Health

By: One Medical & Bond Vet As a pet parent, you likely already have a sense of how much your life has improved because of… Read more

Two women smiling while sitting in a modern office space, one holding a pug and the other petting an orange tabby cat.

Bordetella Vaccine: Protecting Your Dog Against Kennel Cough

As a pet parent, you may have heard about the kennel cough — or Bordetella — vaccine for dogs. Maybe you’re wondering: What is Bordetella… Read more

A small french bulldog wearing a pink harness held in someone's arms.

Diabetes in Dogs: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management

Perhaps you’ve heard of diabetes in humans. Many people have a relative or a close friend who’s been diagnosed.  However, not all pet parents realize… Read more

A happy dog with erect ears and a collar sits on the floor.

What’s Normal Behavior for My Dog?

What is behavior in the first place? Animal behavior is noted as “Ethology” in the scientific world. It is the scientific and objective study of… Read more