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Everything You Want To Know About Your Pet

A dachshund sits among fallen autumn leaves in a park.

Fall Allergies in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Fall allergies are common in dogs, causing a variety of symptoms from watery eyes to skin problems. While spring and summer are common culprits for seasonal allergies, the cooler months of the year also carry allergens that may affect some pups more than others.Read more

How to Train Your Puppy — and What to Teach Them

How to Train Your Puppy — and What to Teach Them

Training your puppy can help keep their mind sharp, build their confidence, and strengthen the bond between you and your new furry best friend. Read more

Veterinarian conducting a check-up on a young dog at a clinic.

Pet DNA Test: Is Dog and Cat Genetic Testing Worth It?

Maybe you’ve thought about doing a pet DNA test. These tests, which can be easily performed at home by pet parents, are becoming more and… Read more

A brown dog on a leash standing next to a seated person.

Chicken Allergy in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Want to learn more about chicken allergy in dogs? Although food allergies are much less common than other types of allergies in dogs, pups affected… Read more