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Everything You Want To Know About Your Pet

Veterinarian conducting a check-up on a young dog at a clinic.

Kennel Cough in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Kennel cough is a common, contagious disease that produces coughing and other upper respiratory symptoms in dogs. Here are things to know about kennel cough, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.Read more

Summer Tips for Dogs: Healthy and Safe Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer Tips for Dogs: Healthy and Safe Ways to Beat the Heat

Dogs often enjoy the summer season — and its many outdoor and social activities — just as much as we do. However, amidst all the… Read more

A veterinarian examining a white dog's eyes while an assistant holds the dog steady in a clinical setting.

Conjunctivitis in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Conjunctivitis is a fairly common eye condition that involves redness, irritation, or discharge in one or both eyes. It can affect dogs of any breed… Read more

A woman in a gray medical uniform working at a reception desk with an imac, in an office branded "bond vet.

Introducing BondAid

Introducing BondAid: Our 24/7 Urgent Care Line We’re excited to announce our new 24/7/365 urgent care helpline for NYC pet parents. Pet parents can give… Read more